The number one factor in a successful self-defense situations is dealing with Your Fear! this is natural can be helpful or can stop you from doing what needs to be done when confronted with a real attack. Adrenaline gives you the speed and strength you need to deal with such encounters it occurs along with Fight, Flight, Freeze.

It’s now called the Fight, Flight or Freeze or the (FFF) response.

Stress experts around the world are adding the word Freeze to the name in deference to the fact that instead of fighting or fleeing, sometimes we tend to freeze (like a rabbit in the car headlights) in traumatic situations we have seen also social media videos showing people with freeze ressponces, and the reaction of their actions as well as there attackers when this happens.

Fear in dangerous situations shuts down higher brain function activating the F.F.F. syndrome, basically you will stand and fight or run away the Freeze has the unwanted ,but natural affect on making us just that freeze.

 Stress is induced by adrenaline flooding our brain impending our judgement and fine motor control giving us the ability to assess the threat and respond effectively.

What are the main symptoms of stress

In your brain,the hypothalamus gets the ball rolling,telling your adrenal glands to release the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

These hormones rev up your heatbeat and send blood rushing to areas that need it most in an emergency,such as your muscles,heart and other important organs.

So you can see where and why the panic sets in when confronted by an attacker or violent encounter.

Street Jujitsu Association Training now exists to addresses Fear and the effects it has by training in a effective skill base workshops, showing how to cope with stress within a self-defence situation and putting our learners through scenario based test to help react to violent encounters on the street.

Its affordable and accessible and provides the most effective self–defence available to handle today’s scary situations, our head instructor has over 30 years experience with some of, if not the biggest names in the self- defence,self-protection the UK has to offer.

Train with the best to be the best I have …

Self Defence for Busy People
Let’s face it, making a living and having a life, sometimes get in each other’s way.

With SJA Training this can be cater around your needs.



Assembly & Introduction


Triggers and Inhibitors


Conflict Management


Self - Defence


Physical Intervention


power hitting


spatial awareness


Course evaluation and closure

We have regular weekend sessions for those of us with not quite enough time and definitely not enough freedom or energy. Having the life you want today can be tough, Very tough indeed but keeping the life you got is important. You know you need to take some self-defence training seriously otherwise you might not be here to enjoy what you have.

People ask me “Do i need to be a martial artist to teach or take Self – Defence ?
No is the answer, and why is this our bodies are built to fight we have been fighting for hundreds if not thousands of years all you need to do and leave the rest to us it’s that easy .

What we teach at Street Jitsu Association Self – Defence, is simple to understand, easy to do, and will be retained long after the course has finished.

What you learn to do

Avoid being set up for a target

Learn how to use adrenaline to help you;

Triggers & Inhibitors to Anger

Misunderstanding Stress and Frustration

We use up to date edge adrenal stress response training to hardwired those skills into your body, so you can rely on them when you need them.

Red man training shows how effective your responses can be and how hard you can hit when it matters.
This same training is used around the world to train law enforcement.

Our head instructor has been on and taught in the UK. Anyone who really needs to rely on their training when it counts should look at this type of training.

Now is a great time to start the process just get in-touch via our website email or phone we normally answer straight away but if not we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

You may have thought that doing self defence was all about getting hurt with way over the top martial art moves, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cool ? maybe essential yes.It does not require that much time and can be practised in a days training, regular C.P.D days to keep you fresh and up to date with your personal protection.

While there are many fantasies about self-defence, violence and assault, at SJA Self – Defence we understand what works and what doesn’t. We’ll show you the difference between real and made up version in real time.

Real life situations are scary, horrible and chaotic. There is little in normal life that prepares us for it. This can lead to freezing or an inappropriate response that makes the situation worse.

If you’ve ever been in a situation, you’ll know what we mean. Even things like road rage or bullying-at-work are becoming everyday occurrences.

SJA Training incorporates is the latest evolution of personal protection/conflict resolution called adrenal stress response training. We train you how to control the adrenal stress response that everyone gets in a confrontation.
You don’t need bulging muscles or a black belt in Jujitsu to take care of yourself.

If you have ever been in a tough spot and afterwards thought

“I sure wish I could have handled that better,( should have, could have would have )”  then SJA Self – Defence is for you!

Imagine the Peace of Mind you will experience when you learn you have the power to be your own protector!
Now more than ever, so many people need what we have to offer. Let me show you how to get it!!

Cost is £60 with real time hit an move including Jiujitsu and Taiho Jutsu techniques made easy.

What’s My First Step?

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